(New) Open Access indexed Surgery Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Open Access Surgery journals. The provided journals are highly reputable.

List of Open Access Surgery journals

322 DOAJ indexed Surgery journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherCountry of Publisher
1JPRAS Open, 2352-5878ElsevierUnited Kingdom
2Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open2377-0813, 2377-0821Georg Thieme Verlag KGGermany
3Laparoscopic, Endoscopic and Robotic Surgery, 2468-9009KeAi Communications Co., Ltd.China
4Turkish Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2528-8644Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
5Surgery Open Science, 2589-8450ElsevierUnited States
6Surgeries, 2673-4095MDPI AGSwitzerland
7Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery0970-0358, 1998-376XThieme Medical Publishers, Inc.United States
8Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery1341-1098, 2186-1005Editorial Committee of Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryJapan
9Revista Iberoamericana de Cirugía de la Mano1698-8396, 1698-840XThieme Revinter Publicações Ltda.Brazil
10Journal of Society of Surgeons of Nepal1815-3984, 2392-4772Society of Surgeons of NepalNepal
11Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Global Open, 2169-7574Wolters KluwerUnited States
12Archives of Plastic Surgery2234-6163, 2234-6171Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonsKorea, Republic of
13Archives of Trauma Research2251-953X, 2251-9599Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
14Frontiers in Surgery, 2296-875XFrontiers Media S.A.Switzerland
15Cirugía del Uruguay0009-7381, 1688-1281Sociedad de Cirugía del UruguayUruguay
16African Journal of Paediatric Surgery0189-6725, 0974-5998Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
17Cirugía Plástica Ibero-Latinoamericana0376-7892, 1989-2055Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora y Estética (SECPRE)Spain
18Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury, 1749-7221Georg Thieme Verlag KGGermany
19World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 1749-7922BMCUnited Kingdom
20Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology1808-8694, 1808-8686ElsevierNetherlands
21International Journal of Medical Dentistry2066-6063, Academy of Romanian ScientistsRomania
22Chinese Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery2096-6911, 2772-686XKeAi Communications Co. Ltd.China
23Archives of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery2234-0831, 2288-9337Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryKorea, Republic of
24Journal of Acute Care Surgery2288-5862, 2288-9582Korean Society of Acute Care SurgeryKorea, Republic of
25Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Research2345-5489, 2345-6213Tehran University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
26Innovative Surgical Science, 2364-7485De GruyterGermany
27International Journal of Surgery and Medicine2367-7414, 2367-699XBulgarian Association of Young SurgeonsBulgaria
28The Surgery Journal2378-5128, 2378-5136Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.United States
29OTO Open, 2473-974XSAGE PublishingUnited States
30Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery2521-8778, 2616-4922Albanian Society for Trauma and Emergency SurgeryAlbania
31Journal of Clinical and Investigative Surgery, 2559-5555Digital ProScholar MediaRomania
32Journal of Chest Surgery2765-1606, 2765-1614Korean Society for Thoracic & Cardiovascular SurgeryKorea, Republic of
33Indian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery0972-0820, 2394-0999Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
34Journal of Minimal Access Surgery0972-9941, 1998-3921Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
35Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery0974-2077, 0974-5157Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
36Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology1590-9921, 1590-9999SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
37Jornal Vascular Brasileiro1677-5449, 1677-7301Sociedade Brasileira de Angiologia e de Cirurgia Vascular (SBACV)Brazil
38International Journal of Otolaryngology1687-9201, 1687-921XHindawi LimitedUnited Kingdom
39Heart Vessels and Transplantation1694-7886, 1694-7894Center for Scientific Research and Development of Education.Kyrgyzstan
40Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, 1749-8090BMCUnited Kingdom
41International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology1809-9777, 1809-4864Thieme Revinter Publicações Ltda.Brazil
42Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 1916-0216BMCUnited Kingdom
43Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology1976-8710, 2005-0720Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck SurgeryKorea, Republic of
44Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery2005-291X, 2005-4408Korean Orthopaedic AssociationKorea, Republic of
45Minimally Invasive Surgery2090-1445, 2090-1453Hindawi LimitedUnited Kingdom
46GMS German Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – Burn and Hand Surgery, 2193-7052German Medical Science GMS Publishing HouseGermany
47GMS Interdisciplinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery DGPW, 2193-8091German Medical Science GMS Publishing HouseGermany
48The Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon Reports2194-7635, 2194-7643Georg Thieme Verlag KGGermany
49Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2209-170XAustralian Society of Plastic SurgeonsAustralia
50Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Cases, 2214-5419ElsevierUnited States
51Journal of Neonatal Surgery, 2226-0439EL-Med-PubPakistan
52Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery2233-601X, 2093-6516Korean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryKorea, Republic of
53South Asian Journal of Cancer2278-330X, 2278-4306Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.India
54Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 2288-8586SpringerOpenKorea, Republic of
55Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2309-4990SAGE PublishingUnited States
56Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 2325-9671SAGE PublishingUnited States
57Reconstructive Review2331-2262, 2331-2270Joint Implant Surgery & Research FoundationUnited States
58Journal of Head & Neck Physicians and Surgeons, 2347-8128Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
59Journal of Cleft Lip Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies2348-2125, 2348-3644Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
60Journal of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery2352-2410, 2352-2429Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
61Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open, 2397-5776BMJ Publishing GroupUnited Kingdom
62EJVES Short Reports, 2405-6553ElsevierNetherlands
63Spine Surgery and Related Research, 2432-261XThe Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related ResearchJapan
64Indian Journal of Cardiovascular Disease in Women, 2455-7854Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.India
65Computer Assisted Surgery, 2469-9322Taylor & Francis GroupUnited Kingdom
66Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics, 2473-0114SAGE PublishingUnited States
67Annals of Gastroenterological Surgery, 2475-0328WileyUnited States
68Journal of Academic Ophthalmology, 2475-4757Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.United States
69Инновационная медицина Кубани2500-0268, 2541-9897Scientific Research Institute, Ochapovsky Regional Clinical Hospital no. 1Russian Federation
70World Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 2516-5410BMJ Publishing GroupUnited Kingdom
71Rhinology Online, 2589-5613Stichting NASENetherlands
72Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, 2631-4797Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom
73The Cardiothoracic Surgeon, 2662-2203SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
74North American Spine Society Journal, 2666-5484ElsevierUnited States
75EJVES Vascular Forum, 2666-688XElsevierUnited Kingdom
76Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2667-1476ElsevierUnited Kingdom
77Foot & Ankle Surgery: Techniques, Reports & Cases, 2667-3967ElsevierUnited States
78Annals of Surgery Open, 2691-3593Wolters Kluwer HealthUnited States
79Revista de la Asociación Odontológica Argentina0004-4881, 2683-7226Asociación Odontológica ArgentinaArgentina
80Cirugía y Cirujanos0009-7411, 2444-054XPermanyerSpain
81Indian Heart Journal0019-4832, 2213-3763ElsevierNetherlands
82Journal of Postgraduate Medicine0022-3859, 0972-2823Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
83Клінічна хірургія0023-2130, 2522-1396Liga-Inform ltd.Ukraine
84Revista Cubana de Cirugía0034-7493, 1561-2945Editorial Ciencias MédicasCuba
85Revista de Investigación Clínica0034-8376, 2564-8896PermanyerSpain
86Stomatološki glasnik Srbije0039-1743, 1452-3701Serbian Medical Society - Dental Section, BelgradeSerbia
87Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine0100-2430, 2527-2179Sociedade de Medicina Veterinária do Estado do Rio de JaneiroBrazil
88Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões0100-6991, 1809-4546Colégio Brasileiro de CirurgiõesBrazil
89Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery0102-7638, 1678-9741Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia CardiovascularBrazil
90Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira0102-8650, 1678-2674Sociedade Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em CirurgiaBrazil
91Brazilian Neurosurgery0103-5355, 2359-5922Thieme Revinter Publicações Ltda.Brazil
92Revista Colombiana de Cardiología0120-5633, 2357-3260PermanyerMexico
93Ear, Nose & Throat Journal0145-5613, 1942-7522SAGE PublishingUnited States
94Revista Española de Podología0210-1238, Inspira NetworkSpain
95Офтальмохирургия0235-4160, 2312-4970Publishing house "Ophthalmology"Russian Federation
96Qatar Medical Journal0253-8253, 2227-0426Hamad Bin Khalifa University PressQatar
97Annals of Saudi Medicine0256-4947, 0975-4466King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research CentreSaudi Arabia
98Acta Stomatologica Naissi0352-5252, 1820-1202Medicinski fakultet i Klinika za stomatologiju, NišSerbia
99Revista Mexicana de Angiología0377-4740, 2696-130XPermanyerSpain
100Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia0870-2551, 2174-2030ElsevierSpain
101European Respiratory Review0905-9180, 1600-0617European Respiratory SocietyUnited Kingdom
102Journal of Smooth Muscle Research0916-8737, Japan Society of Smooth Muscle ResearchJapan
103Indian Journal of Urology0970-1591, 1998-3824Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
104Lung India0970-2113, 0974-598XWolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
105Indian Journal of Burns0971-653X, 2321-1415Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
106Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons0971-9261, 1998-3891Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
107Annals of Pediatric Cardiology0974-2069, 0974-5149Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
108Journal of Digestive Endoscopy0976-5042, 0976-5050Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.India
109Zhongliu Fangzhi Yanjiu1000-8578, Magazine House of Cancer Research on Prevention and TreatmentChina
110Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer1009-3419, 1999-6187Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; Chinese Antituberculosis AssociationChina
111Medicina1010-660X, 1648-9144MDPI AGSwitzerland
112Medimay1012-0076, 2520-9078Centro Provincial de Ciencias Médicas MayabequeCuba
113Saudi Dental Journal1013-9052, 1658-3558ElsevierSaudi Arabia
114Türk Kardiyoloji Derneği Arşivi1016-5169, KARE PublishingTurkey
115Journal of the Saudi Heart Association1016-7315, 2212-5043Saudi Heart AssociationSaudi Arabia
116Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine1024-9079, 2309-5407SAGE PublishingUnited Kingdom
117Pneumon1105-848X, 1791-4914European PublishingGreece
118Egyptian Pediatric Association Gazette1110-6638, 2090-9942SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
119Nigerian Journal of Surgery1117-6806, 2278-7100Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
120Cirugía Cardiovascular1134-0096, 2386-3854ElsevierSpain
121Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research, 1178-2234SAGE PublishingUnited Kingdom
122Open Access Surgery, 1178-7082Dove Medical PressUnited Kingdom
123Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety, 1179-1365Dove Medical PressUnited Kingdom
124Orthopedic Research and Reviews, 1179-1462Dove Medical PressUnited Kingdom
125McGill Journal of Medicine1201-026X, 1715-8125McGill UniversityCanada
126Romanian Neurosurgery1220-8841, 2344-4959London Academic PublishingUnited Kingdom
127Dicle Medical Journal1300-2945, 1308-9889Dicle University Medical SchoolTurkey
128Kulak Burun Boğaz ve Baş Boyun Cerrahisi1300-6525, 2149-0880Turkiye KlinikleriTurkey
129Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi dergisi1303-6610, 2547-9598Dean of Medical FacultyTurkey
130Yeni Üroloji Dergisi1305-2489, 2687-1955Ali İhsan TaşçıTurkey
131Cerrahi Sanatlar Dergisi, 1308-0709Cerrahi Sanatlar DergisiTurkey
132Lietuvos Chirurgija1392-0995, 1648-9942Vilnius University PressLithuania
133Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science1413-9596, 1678-4456Universidade de São PauloBrazil
134Acta Medica Transilvanica1453-1968, 2285-7079Fundatia pentru Sanatate Publica si Managementul SanatatiiRomania
135BMC Surgery, 1471-2482BMCUnited Kingdom
136Breast, 1532-3080ElsevierUnited Kingdom
137Gaceta Médica Espirituana1608-8921, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de Sancti SpíritusCuba
138The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine1609-5693, 2410-7409University of Baghdad, College of Veterinary MedicineIraq
139Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular1646-706X, 2183-0096Sociedade Portuguesa de Angiologia e Cirurgia VascularPortugal
140Gaceta Mexicana de Oncología1665-9201, 2565-005XPermanyerMexico
141International Journal of Oral Science1674-2818, 2049-3169Nature Publishing GroupUnited Kingdom
142Einstein (São Paulo)1679-4508, 2317-6385Instituto Israelita de Ensino e Pesquisa Albert EinsteinBrazil
143Vіsnik Naukovih Doslіdžen'1681-276X, 2415-8798Ukrmedknyha Publishing HouseUkraine
144Патология кровообращения и кардиохирургия1681-3472, 2500-3119Meshalkin National Medical Research CenterRussian Federation
145Formosan Journal of Surgery1682-606X, 2213-5413Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
146Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College1683-3562, 1683-3570Rawalpindi Medical UniversityPakistan
147Basrah Journal of Surgery1683-3589, 2409-501Xuniversity of basrahIraq
148Al-Azhar Assiut Medical Journal1687-1693, 2536-9652Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
149Annals of Pediatric Surgery1687-4137, 2090-5394SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
150Revista Cubana de Anestesiología y Reanimación, 1726-6718Centro Nacional de Información de Ciencias Médicas. Editorial de Ciencias Médicas (ECIMED)Cuba
151Revista Cubana de Angiología y Cirugía Vascular1727-4974, 1682-0037Centro Nacional de Información de Ciencias Médicas. Editorial de Ciencias Médicas (ECIMED)Cuba
152Polish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery1731-5530, 1897-4252Termedia Publishing HousePoland
153Journal of Trauma and Injury1738-8767, 2287-1683Korean Society of TraumatologyKorea, Republic of
154Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 1749-799XBMCUnited Kingdom
155Interventional Cardiology: Reviews, Research, Resources1756-1477, 1756-1485Radcliffe Medical MediaUnited Kingdom
156Orthopaedic Surgery1757-7853, 1757-7861WileyAustralia
157Coluna/Columna1808-1851, 2177-014XSociedade Brasileira de Coluna (SBC)Brazil
158Arta Medica1810-1852, 1810-1879Association of Surgeons of the Republic of MoldovaMoldova, Republic of
159Al-Rafidain Dental Journal1812-1217, 1998-0345University of Mosul, College of DentistryIraq
160Kiru1812-7886, 2410-2717Universidad de San Martin de PorresPeru
161Anales de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas1816-8949, 2313-2841Universidad Nacional de AsunciónParaguay
162Annals of Thoracic Medicine1817-1737, 1998-3557Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
163Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry1817-1869, 2311-5270College of Dentistry/ University of BaghdadIraq
164Medicinski Glasnik Specijalne Bolnice za Bolesti Štitaste Žlezde i Bolesti Metabolizma "Zlatibor"1821-1925, 2406-131XSpecijalna bolnica za bolesti štitaste žlezde i bolesti metabolizma ZlatiborSerbia
165Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Veterinary Medicine1843-5270, 1843-5378AcademicPresRomania
166Annals of Vascular Diseases, 1881-6428The Editorial Committee of Annals of Vascular DiseasesJapan
167Nihon Kekkan Geka Gakkai Zasshi, 1881-767XThe Japanese Society for Vascular SurgeryJapan
168Revista Española de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología1888-4415, 1988-8856ElsevierSpain
169Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques1895-4588, 2299-0054Termedia Publishing HousePoland
170Philippine Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery1908-4889, 2094-1501Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Inc.Philippines
171Clinical Cardiology, 1932-8737WileyUnited States
172Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology1984-5510, 1984-8773Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia (SBD)Brazil
173Саратовский научно-медицинский журнал1995-0039, 2076-2518Saratov State Medical UniversityRussian Federation
174Heart Views1995-705X, 0976-5123Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
175The Annals of African Surgery1999-9674, 2523-0816Surgical Society of KenyaKenya
176Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society2005-3711, 1598-7876The Korean Neurosurgical SocietyKorea, Republic of
177Kanem Journal of Medical Sciences2006-4772, 2714-2426Ntec SpecialistNigeria
178Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery2008-3033, 2676-6299Iranian Veterinary Surgery Association (IVSA)Iran, Islamic Republic of
179Electronic Physician, 2008-5842Electronic PhysicianIran, Islamic Republic of
180Revista Colombiana de Cirugía2011-7582, 2619-6107Asociación Colombiana de CirugíaColombia
181Journal of Surgical Case Reports, 2042-8812Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom
182Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery, 2054-8397Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom
183Military Medical Research, 2054-9369BMCUnited Kingdom
184Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports, 2055-1169SAGE PublishingUnited Kingdom
185Translational Research in Oral Oncology, 2057-178XSAGE PublishingUnited Kingdom
186EFORT Open Reviews, 2058-5241BioscientificaUnited Kingdom
187Cirugía Paraguaya2070-8785, 2307-0420Sociedad Paraguaya de CirugíaParaguay
188Andrologiâ i Genitalʹnaâ Hirurgiâ2070-9781, ABV-pressRussian Federation
189Известия высших учебных заведений. Поволжский регион: Медицинские науки2072-3032, Penza State University Publishing HouseRussian Federation
190Revista del Nacional (Itauguá)2072-8174, 2307-3640Ministerio de Salud Pública y Bienestar SocialParaguay
191Креативная хирургия и онкология2076-3093, 2307-0501Bashkir State Medical UniversityRussian Federation
192CorSalud, 2078-7170Cardiocentro Ernesto Che GuevaraCuba
193Cosmetics, 2079-9284MDPI AGSwitzerland
194Arab Journal of Urology2090-598X, 2090-5998Taylor & Francis GroupUnited Kingdom
195Egyptian Liver Journal, 2090-6226SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
196Case Reports in Dentistry2090-6447, 2090-6455Hindawi LimitedUnited Kingdom
197Case Reports in Surgery2090-6900, 2090-6919Hindawi LimitedUnited Kingdom
198Medical Journal of Shree Birendra Hospital2091-0185, 2091-0193Nepalese Army Institute of Health SciencesNepal
199Neurointervention2093-9043, 2233-6273Korean Society of Interventional NeuroradiologyKorea, Republic of
200World Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery2095-8811, 2589-1081WileyUnited Kingdom
201Journal of Pancreatology2096-5664, 2577-3577Wolters Kluwer Health/LWWUnited States
202Acta Odontologica Turcica, 2147-690XGazi UniversityTurkey
203Journal of Pediatric Research2147-9445, 2587-2478Galenos YayineviTurkey
204Erciyes Medical Journal2149-2247, 2149-2549KARE PublishingTurkey
205Turkish Thoracic Journal, 2149-2530AVESTurkey
206Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation2151-4585, 2151-4593SAGE PublishingUnited States
207Dermatology Practical & Conceptual, 2160-9381Mattioli1885Italy
208Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition), 2174-2049ElsevierSpain
209Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Dermatologia e Venereologia2182-2395, 2182-2409Sociedade Portuguesa de Dermatologia e VenereologiaPortugal
210Gazeta Médica2183-8135, 2184-0628José de Mello SaúdePortugal
211Fujita Medical Journal2189-7247, 2189-7255Fujita Medical SocietyJapan
212Global Spine Journal2192-5682, 2192-5690SAGE PublishingUnited States
213Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports, 2193-6366Georg Thieme Verlag KGGermany
214Dermatology and Therapy2193-8210, 2190-9172Adis, Springer HealthcareUnited Kingdom
215Ophthalmology and Therapy2193-8245, 2193-6528Adis, Springer HealthcareUnited Kingdom
216European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports2194-7619, 2194-7627Georg Thieme Verlag KGGermany
217Surgical Case Reports, 2198-7793SpringerOpenUnited Kingdom
218Journal of Bone Oncology, 2212-1374ElsevierNetherlands
219Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports, 2213-5766ElsevierNetherlands
220Asia-Pacific Journal of Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation and Technology, 2214-6873ElsevierNetherlands
221Case Reports in Women's Health, 2214-9112ElsevierNetherlands
222Biotechnology Reports, 2215-017XElsevierNetherlands
223Сеченовский вестник2218-7332, 2658-3348Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Sechenov University)Russian Federation
224Muthanna Medical Journal2226-146X, 2410-4590Al Muthanna UniversityIraq
225Avicenna Journal of Medicine2231-0770, 2249-4464Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.India
226Knee Surgery & Related Research2234-0726, 2234-2451BMCUnited Kingdom
227Autopsy and Case Reports, 2236-1960University of São PauloBrazil
228BMI Bariátrica & Metabólica Iberoamericana, 2250-737XMason PublishingSpain
229Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology2251-7251, 2251-726XMashhad University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
230Research in Cardiovascular Medicine2251-9572, 2251-9580Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
231International Journal of Anatomy Radiology and Surgery2277-8543, 2455-6874JCDR Research and Publications Pvt. Ltd.India
232Journal of Orthodontic Science2278-1897, 2278-0203Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
233Medica Innovatica2278-7526, 2320-7582B.V.V.Sangha's, S.Nijalingappa Medical College, H.S.K. Hospital and Research Centre, BagalkotIndia
234The Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery, 2279-2201The College of Surgeons of Sri LankaSri Lanka
235Annals of Coloproctology2287-9714, 2287-9722Korean Society of ColoproctologyKorea, Republic of
236Journal of Surgical Ultrasound2288-9140, 2671-7883The Korean Surgical Ultrasound SocietyKorea, Republic of
237Case Reports in Orthopedic Research, 2296-9373Karger PublishersSwitzerland
238Russian Open Medical Journal, 2304-3415Limited liability company «Science and Innovations» (Saratov)Russian Federation
239Кардіохірургія та інтервенційна кардіологія2305-3127, TOV Chetverta KhvyliaUkraine
240Эндокринная хирургия2306-3513, 2310-3965Endocrinology Research CentreRussian Federation
241Geriatrics, 2308-3417MDPI AGSwitzerland
242Sahel Medical Journal, 2321-6689Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
243Journal of Dental Materials and Techniques2322-4150, 2252-0317Mashhad University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
244Journal of Pediatrics Review2322-4398, 2322-4401Mazandaran University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
245Cogent Medicine, 2331-205XTaylor & Francis GroupUnited Kingdom
246Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine, 2335-0245Balkan Stomatological SocietySerbia
247Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Medicine2345-2447, 2322-5750Mashhad University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
248Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Journal2345-4482, 2345-4490Mashhad University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
249Journal of Dental Research and Review2348-2915, 2348-3172Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
250International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Research2349-4220, 2350-0298Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
251Gynecologic Oncology Reports, 2352-5789ElsevierUnited States
252Trauma Case Reports, 2352-6440ElsevierNetherlands
253Surgery Research and Practice2356-7759, 2356-6124Hindawi LimitedUnited Kingdom
254Journal of Surgical Sciences2360-3038, 2457-5364Editura Universitara Carol DavilaRomania
255Transplantation Direct, 2373-8731Wolters KluwerUnited States
256AIMS Medical Science, 2375-1576American Institute of Mathematical SciencesUnited States
257Acta Oto-Laryngologica Case Reports, 2377-2484Taylor & Francis GroupUnited Kingdom
258Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, 2378-8038WileyUnited States
259Archives of Breast Cancer, 2383-0433Kaviani Breast Disease InstituteIran, Islamic Republic of
260International Journal of Advanced Joint Reconstruction, 2385-7900Healthy Joints SLPSpain
261Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Journal, 2392-0297Medigent FoundationPoland
262Bengal Journal of Otolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery, 2395-2407The Association of Otolaryngologists of India, West BengalIndia
263Journal of the Practice of Cardiovascular Sciences2395-5414, 2454-2830Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
264International Journal of the Cardiovascular Academy2405-8181, 2405-819XWolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
265Issledovaniâ i Praktika v Medicine2409-2231, 2410-1893QUASAR, LLCRussian Federation
266International Journal of Medicine and Medical Research2413-6077, 2414-9985UkrmedknyhaUkraine
267Journal of Hearing Sciences and Otolaryngology, 2423-6810Shahid Beheshti University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
268Iranian Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 2423-7612Pediatric Surgery Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
269SICOT-J, 2426-8887EDP SciencesFrance
270Asian Journal of Oncology2454-6798, 2455-4618Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.United States
271International Journal of Recent Surgical and Medical Sciences2455-7420, 2455-0949Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.India
272Serbian Journal of Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy, 2466-488XSerbian Society of Anesthesiologists and IntensivistsSerbia
273Otolaryngology Case Reports, 2468-5488ElsevierNetherlands
274IHJ Cardiovascular Case Reports, 2468-600XElsevierNetherlands
275Journal of Clinical Sciences2468-6859, 2408-7408Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
276JBJS Open Access, 2472-7245Wolters KluwerUnited States
277Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Global Research & Reviews, 2474-7661Wolters KluwerUnited States
278BJS Open, 2474-9842Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom
279Vascular and Endovascular Review2516-3299, 2516-3302Radcliffe Medical MediaUnited Kingdom
280Surgical and Experimental Pathology, 2520-8454BMCUnited Kingdom
281Journal of Orthopedic and Spine Trauma2538-2330, 2538-4600Tehran University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of
282Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality & Outcomes, 2542-4548ElsevierUnited States
283Current Thoracic Surgery, 2548-0316Turkish Society of Thoracic SurgeryTurkey
284JBN (Jurnal Bedah Nasional)2548-5962, 2548-981XUniversitas UdayanaIndonesia
285Journal de la Société Marocaine d’Ophtalmologie2550-3987, 2658-851XSocieté Marocaine d’OphtalmologieMorocco
286Archives of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2564-6567Archives of Clinical and Experimental MedicineTurkey
287Journal of Hand Surgery Global Online, 2589-5141ElsevierUnited States
288International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery2589-8736, 2589-8078Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
289Urology Video Journal, 2590-0897ElsevierUnited States
290World Neurosurgery: X, 2590-1397ElsevierUnited States
291Revista Científica Especialidades Odontológicas UG, 2600-576XUniversidad de GuayaquilEcuador
292The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat, 2602-4837Istanbul University PressTurkey
293Revista de Educación e Investigación en Emergencias, 2604-6520PermanyerSpain
294Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, 2608-1326EDP SciencesFrance
295Journal of Fatima Jinnah Medical University2616-6461, 2616-6291Fatima Jinnah Medical UniversityPakistan
296African Journal of Thoracic and Critical Care Medicine2617-0191, 2617-0205Health and Medical Publishing GroupSouth Africa
297Актуальні проблеми сучасної медицини, 2617-409XV.N. Karazin Kharkov National UniversityUkraine
298Neurosurgery Open, 2633-0873Wolters KluwerUnited States
299Video Journal of Sports Medicine, 2635-0254SAGE PublishingUnited States
300Advanced Dental Journal2636-302X, 2636-3038Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo UniversityEgypt
301Open Respiratory Archives, 2659-6636ElsevierSpain
302Caribbean Medical Journal, 2664-5599Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (T&TMA)Trinidad and Tobago
303Український журнал серцево-судинної хірургії2664-5963, 2664-5971Professional Edition Eastern EuropeUkraine
304Surgery in Practice and Science, 2666-2620ElsevierUnited Kingdom
305JTCVS Open, 2666-2736ElsevierUnited States
306JVS - Vascular Science, 2666-3503ElsevierUnited States
307The Pan-American Journal of Ophthalmology, 2666-4909Wolters Kluwer Medknow PublicationsIndia
308JSES International, 2666-6383ElsevierUnited States
309JSES Reviews, Reports, and Techniques, 2666-6391ElsevierUnited States
310International Journal of Cardiology Congenital Heart Disease, 2666-6685ElsevierNetherlands
311Journal of Contemporary Medicine, 2667-7180Rabia YılmazTurkey
312Transplantology, 2673-3943MDPI AGSwitzerland
313Trauma Care, 2673-866XMDPI AGSwitzerland
314B-ENT, 2684-4907AVESTurkey
315BJUI Compass, 2688-4526WileyUnited States
316DEN Open, 2692-4609WileyAustralia
317Archivos Peruanos de Cardiología y Cirugía Cardiovascular, 2708-7212Instituto Nacional Cardiovascular - INCORPeru
318Амбулаторная хирургия2712-8741, 2782-2591Remedium Group LTDRussian Federation
319Indonesian Journal of Dental Medicine, 2722-1253Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas AirlanggaIndonesia
320SVU - International Journal of Medical Sciences2735-427X, 2636-3402South Valley University, Faculty of MedicineEgypt
321European Heart Journal Open, 2752-4191Oxford University PressUnited Kingdom
322Iranian Journal of Colorectal Research, 2783-2430Shiraz University of Medical SciencesIran, Islamic Republic of

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