List of Marketing Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Marketing journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Marketing journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Marketing journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Journal of Marketing15477185, 00222429American Marketing Association10.802
2Marketing Science07322399, 1526548XINFORMS Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences7.593
3Journal of Marketing Research00222437, 15477193American Marketing Association7.415
4Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science00920703, 15527824Springer New York6.248
5Journal of Consumer Research00935301, 15375277Oxford University Press6.024
6International Journal of Information Management2684012Elsevier Ltd.4.906
7Academy of Management Perspectives15589080Academy of Management4.84
8Journal of Interactive Marketing10949968, 15206653SAGE Publications Inc.4.092
9Journal of Supply Chain Management15232409, 1745493XWiley-Blackwell4.009
10International Journal of Research in Marketing1678116Elsevier3.896
11Journal of Retailing224359Elsevier BV3.787
12Annals of Tourism Research1607383Elsevier Ltd.3.426
13Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory14779803, 10531858Oxford University Press3.337
14Public Administration Review00333352, 15406210Wiley-Blackwell3.311
15Journal of Public Policy and Marketing07439156, 15477207American Marketing Association3.263
16Journal of World Business10909516Elsevier Inc.3.245
17Journal of Consumer Psychology15327663, 10577408John Wiley & Sons Inc.2.978
18Journal of Business Research1482963Elsevier Inc.2.895
19Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing20407122Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.2.833
20Industrial Marketing Management198501Elsevier Inc.2.658
21Journal of Innovation and Knowledge2444569X, 25307614Elsevier BV2.649
22Journal of Advertising15577805, 00913367M.E. Sharpe Inc.2.606
23Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services9696989Elsevier Ltd.2.543
24Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management19368631, 19368623Routledge2.52
25Journal of Interactive Advertising15252019Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.505
26Business Horizons76813Elsevier Ltd.2.475
27International Business Review9695931Elsevier Ltd.2.455
28Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing10548408, 15407306Routledge2.126
29Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management14784092Elsevier Ltd.2.092
30Journal of International Marketing15477215, 1069031XAmerican Marketing Association2.088
31Psychology and Marketing07426046, 15206793Wiley-Liss Inc.2.083
32International Journal of Advertising17593948, 02650487Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.081
33Journal of Destination Marketing and Management2212571XElsevier Ltd.1.936
34Australasian Marketing Journal14413582, 18393349SAGE Publications Ltd1.811
35International Journal of Consumer Studies14706423, 14706431Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.753
36American Review of Public Administration15523357, 02750740SAGE Publications Inc.1.745
37Marketing Theory14705931, 1741301XSAGE Publications Ltd1.693
38AMS Review18698182, 1869814XSpringer New York1.687
39Marketing Letters1573059X, 09230645Springer New York1.672
40Journal of Marketing Management0267257X, 14721376Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.664
41European Journal of Marketing3090566Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.63
42Journal of Services Marketing8876045Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.577
43Electronic Markets14228890, 10196781Springer Verlag1.545
44Sport Management Review14413523Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.513
45Quantitative Marketing and Economics15707156, 1573711XKluwer Academic Publishers1.437
46Public Relations Review3638111Elsevier BV1.432
47Journal of Product and Brand Management10610421Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.427
48Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management15577813, 08853134Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.372
49International Marketing Review2651335Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.309
50Electronic Commerce Research and Applications15674223Elsevier1.307
51Governance09521895, 14680491Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.305
52Consumption Markets and Culture10253866, 1477223XRoutledge1.281
53Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management13612026Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.271
54Administration and Society00953997, 15523039SAGE Publications Inc.1.238
55Journal of the Association for Consumer Research23781823, 23781815University of Chicago Press1.2
56Marketing Intelligence and Planning2634503Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.15
57Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising10641734, 21647313Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.141
58Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights26669579Elsevier BV1.096
59European Research on Management and Business Economics24448834European Academy of Management and Business Economics1.095
60Journal of Brand Management14791803, 1350231XPalgrave Macmillan Ltd.1.09
61International Journal of Bank Marketing2652323Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.088
62Journal of Advertising Research00218499, 17401909The Advertising Research Foundation1.041
63Service Science21643970, 21643962INFORMS Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences1.016
64Journal of Marketing Communications14664445, 13527266Routledge1.012
65Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics13555855, 17584248Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.994
66International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management9590552Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.986
67European Journal of Management and Business Economics24448451, 24448494Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.905
68Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice10696679Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.898
69Journal of Strategic Marketing0965254X, 14664488Routledge0.898
70Journal of the Operational Research Society01605682, 14769360Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.891
71ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation21678375, 21678383Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)0.888
72Journal of Relationship Marketing15332675, 15332667Routledge0.888
73Journal of Consumer Culture14695405, 17412900SAGE Publications Ltd0.886
74Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC24449709, 24449695Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.876
75Journal of Global Fashion Marketing20932685, 23254483Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.858
76Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing8858624Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.851
77Journal of Global Marketing08911762, 15286975Routledge0.849
78Journal of Consumer Marketing7363761Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.845
79Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies20534604, 20534612Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.824
80Journal of High Technology Management Research10478310Elsevier BV0.823
81Journal of Macromarketing2761467SAGE Publications Inc.0.82
82Social Marketing Quarterly15394093, 15245004SAGE Publications Inc.0.817
83Journal of Promotion Management10496491Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.807
84Journal of Marketing Analytics20503318, 20503326Springer International Publishing AG0.792
85International Journal of Market Research25152173, 14707853Market Research Society0.771
86Journal of Marketing Education02734753, 15526550SAGE Publications Inc.0.743
87Journal of International Consumer Marketing08961530, 15287068Routledge0.734
88International Journal of Integrated Supply Management14775360, 17418097Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.0.718
89International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research09593969, 14664402Routledge0.693
90Baltic Journal of Management17465265Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.661
91Journal of Islamic Marketing17590833, 17590841Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.653
92Journal of Social Marketing20426763, 20426771Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.642
93International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship14646668Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.621
94Journal of Marketing for Higher Education15407144, 08841241Routledge0.619
95Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences19364490, 08250383Wiley-Blackwell0.602
96International Journal of Design1994036X, 19913761National Taiwan University of Science and Technology0.597
97Journal of Political Marketing15377857, 15377865Routledge0.595
98Public Relations Inquiry20461488, 2046147XSAGE Publications Inc.0.582
99Qualitative Market Research13522752Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.579
100South Asian Journal of Business Studies2398628X, 23986298Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.543

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