List of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Organizacija13185454Fakulteta za Organizacijske Vede, Univerza v Mariboru0.376
2Sport Management Review14413523Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.513
3Research in Transportation Business and Management22105395Elsevier BV0.976
4European Journal of Management and Business Economics24448451, 24448494Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.905
5World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development20425961, 2042597XUral University Press0.4
6Journal of Place Management and Development17538343, 17538335Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.471
7Journal of Service Management17575818Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.2.875
8Journal of Destination Marketing and Management2212571XElsevier Ltd.1.936
9Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal20426798, 2042678XEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.505
10Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation22997075, 22997326Cognitione Foundation for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Science0.402
11International Journal of Professional Business Review25253654AOS-Estratagia and Inovacao0.121
12Journal of Tourism Futures20555911, 2055592XEmarald Group Publishing Ltd0.759
13European Journal of Futures Research21952248, 21954194Springer Verlag0.402
14Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism22891471Taylor's University0.146
15Atelie Geografico19821956Universidade Federal De Goias (UFG)0.12
16Tourism Recreation Research02508281, 23200308Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.066
17International Journal of Tourism Cities20565615, 20565607Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.747
18Museum Management and Curatorship18729185, 09647775Routledge0.626
19International Journal of Services, Economics and Management17530822, 17530830Inderscience Publishers0.256
20Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism20687729ASERS Publishing0.199
21Tourism Management2615177Elsevier Ltd.3.561
22Annals of Tourism Research1607383Elsevier Ltd.3.426
23International Journal of Hospitality Management2784319Elsevier Ltd.2.928
24International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management9590552Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.986
25European Sport Management Quarterly1746031X, 16184742Routledge0.949
26Tourism Planning and Development21568324, 21568316Routledge0.786
27Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism15332845, 15332853Routledge0.611
28International Journal of Event and Festival Management17582954, 17582962Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.562
29Sports Coaching Review21640637, 21640629Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.47
30Journal of Global Sport Management24704067, 24704075Routledge0.443
31International Journal of Sport Communication19363907, 19363915Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.0.431
32Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes17554217, 17554225Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.423
33Tourism and Management Studies21828466, 21828458University of Algarve0.371
34Property Management2637472Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.35
35Event Management15259951Cognizant Communication Corporation0.309
36Sport Management Education Journal21632367, 19386974Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.0.285
37Academica Turistica23354194, 18553303University of Primorska0.205
38Sport Marketing Quarterly15572528, 10616934FiT Publishing0.189
39Journal of Hospitality Financial Management21522790, 10913211Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.174
40Hotel Management21582122Advanstar Communications Inc.0.11
41Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management19368631, 19368623Routledge2.52
42Frontiers in Sports and Active Living26249367Frontiers Media S.A.0.624
43New Space21680264, 21680256Mary Ann Liebert Inc.0.212
44Prace i Studia Geograficzne2084589Warsaw University0.116
45International Journal of Tourism Research10992340, 15221970John Wiley and Sons Ltd1.298
46Science and Medicine in Football24733938, 24734446Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.233
47Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights26669579Elsevier BV1.096
48Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change14766825Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.653
49Space and Culture12063312SAGE Publications Inc.0.424
50Sport Mont14517485, 23370351Montenegrin Sports Academy0.227
51Capitale Culturale20392362eum - Edizioni Universita di Macerata0.224
52e-Review of Tourism Research19415842Texas A & M University0.207
53Annals of Applied Sport Science24764981, 232244790.201
54Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism18991998, 20828799Walter de Gruyter GmbH0.194
55Cuadernos de Turismo19894635, 11397861Escuela Universitaria de Turismo, Universidad de Murcia0.162
56Acta Turistica18486061, 03534316University of Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business0.153
57Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine23009705, 23532807Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecinskiego0.137
58Studia Sportiva25708783, 18027679Masaryk University Faculty of Sports Studies0.127
59Journal of Travel Research15526763, 00472875SAGE Publications Ltd3.249
60Journal of Sustainable Tourism09669582, 17477646Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.966
61Tourism Geographies14701340, 14616688Routledge2.596
62Current Issues in Tourism17477603, 13683500Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.062
63Tourism Review17598451, 16605373Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.878
64Cities2642751Elsevier Ltd.1.718
65Applied Geography1436228Elsevier BV1.138
66Tourism Economics20440375, 13548166SAGE Publications Inc.1.092
67Journal of Leisure Research222216Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.021
68Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research10941665, 17416507Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.981
69Tourism and Hospitality Research14673584, 17429692SAGE Publications Inc.0.795
70Leisure Studies14664496, 02614367Routledge0.739
71International Journal of Heritage Studies14703610, 13527258Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.69
72International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research17506182Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.682
73Journal of Ecotourism14724049, 17477638Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.665
74Journal of Sport for Development233005740.655
75Journal of China Tourism Research19388160, 19388179Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.593
76Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events19407963, 19407971Routledge0.561
77Annals of Leisure Research11745398, 21596816Routledge0.539
78Leisure Sciences15210588, 01490400Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.516
79European Journal of Tourism Research13140817, 199476580.508
80Journal of Tourism, Heritage and Services Marketing25291947International Hellenic University0.434
81Journal of Park and Recreation Administration21606862, 07351968Sagamore Publishing LLC0.423
82Geographica Pannonica03548724, 18207138University of Novi Sad0.409
83Tourism and Hospitality Management13307533University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Opatija0.34
84Journal of Tourism Analysis22540644Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.327
85Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies19992521, 1999253XSociety for South-East Asian Studies0.323
86Tourism18491545, 13327461Institute for Tourism0.284
87Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic SASA03507599, 18212808Geographical Institute Jovan Cviji" of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts"0.282
88Leisure/ Loisir14927713, 21512221Routledge0.272
89Tourism in Marine Environments1544273XCognizant Communication Corporation0.267
90Tourism, Culture and Communication1098304XCognizant Communication Corporation0.258
91Advances in Hospitality and Leisure17453542Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.256
92DETUROPE18212506Regional Science Association of Subotica (Drustvo za Regionalne Nauke)0.249
93African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure2223814XAfrica Journals0.216 Revista de Ciencias del Deporte18857019Federacion Extremena de Balonmano, University of Extremadura0.194
95Journal of Tourism and Development16459261, 21821453University of Aveiro0.17
96Revista de Artes Marciales Asiaticas21740747Universidad de Leon0.14
97Journal of Tourism History17551838, 1755182XTaylor and Francis Ltd.0.138
98Sport i Turystyka26574322, 25453211Jan Dlugosz University Publishing House0.118
99International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management9596119Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.2.5
100Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing10548408, 15407306Routledge2.126

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