List of Public Administration Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Public Administration journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Public Administration journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Public Administration journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Human Resources for Health14784491BioMed Central Ltd.1.358
2Kontakt18047122, 12124117University of South Bohemia0.173
3Administrative Science Quarterly00018392, 19303815Johnson School at Cornell University17.357
4Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory14779803, 10531858Oxford University Press3.811
5Public Administration Review00333352, 15406210Wiley-Blackwell2.788
6Journal of European Public Policy14664429, 13501763Routledge2.36
7Journal of Policy Analysis and Management02768739, 15206688Wiley-Liss Inc.2.052
8Journal of Public Relations Research1062726X, 1532754XRoutledge2.012
9Public Management Review14719037Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.974
10Educational Administration Quarterly0013161X, 15523519SAGE Publications Inc.1.949
11Policy and Society14494035Elsevier Ltd.1.944
12Policy Studies Journal0190292X, 15410072Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.924
13Review of Public Personnel Administration0734371XSAGE Publications Inc.1.853
14Policy Sciences00322687, 15730891Springer Netherlands1.661
15Research and Politics20531680SAGE Publications Ltd1.659
16Criminology and Public Policy17459133, 15386473Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.618
17Public Administration14679299, 00333298Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.617
18American Review of Public Administration15523357, 02750740SAGE Publications Inc.1.612
19Governance09521895, 14680491Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.525
20Policy and Internet19442866John Wiley and Sons Ltd1.445
21Regulation and Governance17485983, 17485991Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.293
22Policy and Politics03055736, 14708442Policy Press1.278
23International Public Management Journal15593169, 10967494Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.258
24Government and Opposition0017257X, 14777053Cambridge University Press1.24
25Policy Design and Practice25741292Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.239
26Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis21522812, 21945888Cambridge University Press1.219
27Administration and Society00953997, 15523039SAGE Publications Inc.1.187
28Journal of Social Policy14697823, 00472794Cambridge University Press1.163
29Public Performance & Management Review15309576SAGE Publications Inc.1.122
30Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space23996552, 23996544SAGE Publications Ltd1.121
31Public Personnel Management910260SAGE Publications Inc.1.077
32Journal of Educational Administration9578234Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.009
33Information Technology for Development15540170, 02681102Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.008
34Journal of Information Technology and Politics19331681, 1933169XRoutledge0.927
35Social Policy and Administration01445596, 14679515Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.925
36Journal of Urban Management25890360, 22265856Elsevier BV0.923
37Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management14699508, 1360080XRoutledge0.894
38Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences23727330, 23727322SAGE Publications Ltd0.853
39Voluntas09578765, 15737888Springer New York0.837
40Journal of Public Policy14697815, 0143814XCambridge University Press0.816
41Administrative Theory and Praxis19490461, 10841806Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.806
42Globalizations1474774X, 14747731Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.804
43Area Development and Policy23792957Routledge0.775
44Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy19444079John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.772
45Education Inquiry20004508Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.739
46Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management10963367, 19451814Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.737
47Canadian Public Policy/ Analyse de Politiques3170861University of Toronto Press0.736
48AHURI Final Report18347223Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)0.725
49Public Administration and Development02712075, 1099162XJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd0.725
50Science and Public Policy03023427, 14715430Oxford University Press0.714
51Journal of Public Affairs Education23289643, 15236803Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.703
52Journal of Chinese Governance23812354, 23812346Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.692
53International Review of Administrative Sciences00208523, 14617226SAGE Publications Ltd0.678
54Journal of Library Administration1930826Routledge0.673
55Public Budgeting and Finance2751100Wiley-Blackwell0.673
56Review of Policy Research1541132X, 15411338Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.669
57Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy17506166Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.656
58Public Money and Management14679302, 09540962Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.647
59Information Polity18758754, 15701255IOS Press BV0.646
60Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice13876988, 15725448Routledge0.642
61Australian Journal of Public Administration14678500, 03136647Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.614
62Policing1363951XEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.61
63Presidential Studies Quarterly3604918Center for the Study of the Presidency0.605
64European Policy Analysis23806567John Wiley and Sons Ltd0.601
65Nonprofit Policy Forum21543348de Gruyter0.598
66International Journal of Public Administration15324265, 01900692Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.586
67Statistics and Public Policy2330443XTaylor and Francis Inc.0.567
68Contemporary Economic Policy14657287, 10743529Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.562
69International Journal of Public Sector Management9513558Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.552
70Administratie si Management Public15839583Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest0.549
71Politics and Governance21832463Cogitatio Press0.548
72Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development25727931, 25727923EnPress Publisher, LLC0.54
73Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies20502680John Wiley and Sons Ltd0.535
74Public Policy and Administration09520767, 17494192SAGE Publications Ltd0.532
75Teaching Public Administration01447394, 20478720SAGE Publications Inc.0.525
76Education Sciences22277102MDPI AG0.518
77Frontiers of Business Research in China16737326, 16737431Higher Education Press0.507
78Critical Policy Studies19460171, 1946018XRoutledge0.488
79Public Integrity15580989, 10999922Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.483
80Publius17477107, 00485950Oxford University Press0.476
81Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration17574331, 17574323Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.46
82Journal of Community Practice15433706, 10705422Routledge0.452
83Revista de Administracao Publica19823134, 00347612Fundacao Getulio Vargas0.44
84Journal of Data and Information Science2096157XDe Gruyter Open Ltd.0.433
85Scienze Regionali17203929, 2035603XSocieta Editrice Il Mulino0.433
86Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership and Governance2330314X, 23303131Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.428
87Regional Research of Russia20799713, 20799705Pleiades Publishing0.426
88European Journal of Social Security23992948, 13882627SAGE Publications Ltd0.422
89Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences19364490, 08250383Wiley-Blackwell0.408
90Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration23276665, 23276673Routledge0.403
91Journal of Education and Work13639080, 14699435Brill Academic Publishers0.395
92International Social Security Review0020871X, 1468246XWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.392
93Yale journal on regulation7419457Yale Journal on Regulation0.382
94Journal of Asian Public Policy17516242, 17516234Routledge0.378
95Journal of Public Procurement15350118, 21506930Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.367
96Public Finance Review10911421SAGE Publications Inc.0.357
97State and Local Government Review19433409, 0160323XSAGE Publications Inc.0.35
98Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administracion10128255, 20565127Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.337
99Canadian Public Administration00084840, 17547121Wiley-Blackwell0.33
100Social Security Bulletin377910US Social Security Administration0.327

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