List of Pollution Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Pollution journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Pollution journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Pollution journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Energy and Environmental Science17545692, 17545706Royal Society of Chemistry11.558
2Nature Reviews Earth and Environment2662138XSpringer Nature Switzerland AG4.247
3Water Research00431354, 18792448Elsevier Ltd.2.806
4Environmental Science and Technology Letters23288930American Chemical Society2.702
5Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology15476537, 10643389Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.203
6Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology15691705, 15729826Springer Netherlands2.13
7npj Clean Water20597037Springer Nature2.036
8Journal of Hazardous Materials3043894Elsevier1.991
9Environmental Pollution02697491, 18736424Elsevier Ltd.1.954
10Green Chemistry14639262, 14639270Royal Society of Chemistry1.937
11Science of the Total Environment00489697, 18791026Elsevier1.806
12Water Research X25899147Elsevier Ltd.1.765
13Marine Pollution Bulletin0025326X, 18793363Elsevier Inc.1.508
14Chemosphere456535Elsevier Ltd.1.505
15Exposure and Health24519766, 24519685Springer Netherlands1.471
16Current Pollution Reports21986592Springer International Publishing AG1.415
17Biochar25247867Springer Science and Business Media B.V.1.365
18Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety01476513, 10902414Academic Press Inc.1.239
19Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology1559064X, 15590631Nature Publishing Group1.234
20Environmental Evidence20472382BioMed Central Ltd.1.231
21GeoHealth24711403John Wiley & Sons Inc.1.178
22Environmental Sciences Europe21904707, 21904715Springer Verlag1.161
23International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control17505836Elsevier1.067
24Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering22133437Elsevier BV1.042
25Sustainable Environment Research24682039Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering (CIEnvE)0.967
26Journal of Environmental Quality00472425, 15372537John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.923
27Environmental Conservation03768929, 14694387Cambridge University Press0.908
28Journal of Transport and Health22141405Elsevier BV0.907
29Aerosol and Air Quality Research20711409, 16808584AAGR Aerosol and Air Quality Research0.897
30Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health18739326, 18739318Springer Netherlands0.893
31Atmospheric Pollution Research13091042Turkish National Committee for Air Pollution Research (TUNCAP)0.891
32Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Management22151532Elsevier BV0.86
33Soil Use and Management14752743, 02660032Wiley-Blackwell0.86
34Environmental Management0364152X, 14321009Springer New York0.844
35Environmental Science and Pollution Research09441344, 16147499Springer Science + Business Media0.831
36Applied Geochemistry8832927Elsevier Ltd.0.829
37Journal of Sustainable Mining23003960, 25434950Central Mining Institute0.829
38Journal of Aerosol Science18791964, 00218502Elsevier Ltd.0.823
39International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health16617827, 16604601Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)0.814
40Marine Environmental Research18790291, 01411136Elsevier BV0.814
41Remediation10515658, 15206831John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.813
42Aerosol Science and Technology15217388, 02786826Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.806
43Environmental Technology Reviews21622523, 21622515Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.793
44Environmental Epidemiology24747882Wolters Kluwer Health0.792
45Biodegradation09239820, 15729729Springer Netherlands0.781
46Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (HERA)10807039, 15497860Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.773
47Waste Management and Research0734242X, 10963669SAGE Publications Ltd0.751
48Journal of Environmental Radioactivity18791700, 0265931XElsevier Ltd.0.725
49Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology14320703, 00904341Springer New York0.702
50Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy23525541Elsevier BV0.681
51Reviews on Environmental Health00487554, 21910308Walter de Gruyter GmbH0.632
52Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association10962247, 21622906Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.626
53Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology02682575, 10974660John Wiley and Sons Ltd0.625
54Environmental Earth Sciences18666299, 18666280Springer Verlag0.623
55Environmental Monitoring and Assessment01676369, 15732959Springer Netherlands0.623
56Green Materials20491220, 20491239ICE Publishing0.621
57International Journal of Phytoremediation15497879, 15226514Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.608
58Journal of Health and Pollution21569614Pure Earth0.605
59Environmental Processes21987505, 21987491Springer Science + Business Media0.574
60International Journal of Environmental Health Research09603123, 13691619Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.571
61Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management23833866, 23833572Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management0.567
62Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology00074861, 14320800Springer New York0.556
63Water, Air, and Soil Pollution00496979, 15732932Springer Netherlands0.546
64Water Science23570008, 11104929Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.539
65Advances in Meteorology16879317, 16879309Hindawi Limited0.512
66Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering2052336XSpringer International Publishing AG0.505
67Water Environment Research10614303, 15547531Water Environment Federation0.505
68Ecology and Industry of Russia24136042, 181603950.478
69Soil and Sediment Contamination15497887, 15320383Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.478
70Environmental Engineering Science10928758Mary Ann Liebert Inc.0.463
71Clean - Soil, Air, Water18630650Wiley-VCH Verlag0.454
72International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment2150363X, 21503621Begell House Inc.0.445
73Emission Control Science and Technology21993629, 21993637Springer International Publishing AG0.432
74Resources, Environment and Sustainability26669161Elsevier BV0.42
75Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability25094246Springer Nature Switzerland AG0.404
76Advances in Science and Research19920636, 19920628Copernicus GmbH0.4
77SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants19463960, 19463952SAE International0.393
78Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part B Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes03601234, 15324109Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.391
79Water and Environment Journal17476585Wiley-Blackwell0.382
80Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development20439083IWA Publishing0.377
81Environmental Health Insights11786302SAGE Publications Inc.0.374
82Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry2772248Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.37
83Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry15882780, 02365731Springer Netherlands0.364
84Hupo Kexue/Journal of Lake Sciences10035427Science Press0.349
85Drinking Water Engineering and Science19969465, 19969457Copernicus Publications0.342
86Journal of Water and Environment Technology13482165Japan Society on Water Environment0.334
87International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry10290397, 03067319Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.329
88Environmental Challenges26670100Elsevier BV0.323
89Boreal Environment Research12396095Finnish Environment Institute0.319
90Aerosol Science and Engineering2510375X, 25103768Springer Nature Switzerland AG0.314
91SAE Technical Papers26883627, 01487191SAE International0.296
92Clean Air Journal2410972X, 10171703National Association of Clean Air0.283
93Sains Tanah14123606, 23561424Sebelas Maret University - Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture0.282
94Environmental Research, Engineering and Management20292139, 13921649Kaunas University of Technology0.277
95Geosystem Engineering21663394, 12269328Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.275
96International Journal of Environmental Studies00207233, 10290400Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.275
97Environmental Quality Management15206483, 10881913John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.262
98European Journal of Environmental Sciences23361964, 18050174Charles University in Prague0.255
99RSC Green Chemistry17577047, 17577039Royal Society of Chemistry0.253
100Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty13027050Namik Kemal University - Agricultural Faculty0.247

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