List of Political Science and International Relations Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Political Science and International Relations journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Political Science and International Relations journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Political Science and International Relations journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Asian Business and Management14724782, 14769328Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.0.824
2Journal of International Studies20718330, 23063483Centre of Sociological Research0.399
3Asian Journal of Business Research24634522, 177889330.291
4Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations7426186Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.276
5Research in Labor Economics1479121Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.437
6Journal of International Trade Law and Policy14770024Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.176
7Harvard International Review7391854Harvard International Review0.128
8Business and Politics13695258, 14693569Cambridge University Press1.248
9Journal of the Indian Ocean Region1948108X, 19480881Taylor and Francis Inc.0.436
10Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming23522208, 23522216Elsevier BV0.465
11Critical Military Studies23337486, 23337494Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.33
12Journal of Transportation Security19387741, 1938775XSpringer New York0.268
13Thammasat Review08595747, 26300303Thammasat University0.123
14Health and Human Rights10790969, 21504113Harvard School of Public Health0.767
15Global Governance10752846, 19426720Brill Academic Publishers0.448
16Journal of Common Market Studies14685965, 00219886Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1.095
17Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review2353883X, 23538821Cracow University of Economics0.542
18China Business Review1637169The US-China Business Council0.102
19Economia15297470, 15336239Brookings Institution Press0.651
20Thunderbird International Business Review10964762John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.557
21Journal of World Investment and Trade16607112, 22119000Brill Academic Publishers0.32
22Transformations in Business and Economics16484460Vilnius University Press0.313
23Global Economic Review1226508XRoutledge0.293
24Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development13087800Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries0.248
25Journal of International Studies(Malaysia)2289666X, 1823691XUniversiti Utara Malaysia Press0.204
26Tamkang Journal of International Affairs10274979Tamkang University0.116
27European Business Organization Law Review17416205, 15667529Springer International Publishing AG0.482
28Information and Media27836207Vilnius University Press0.15
29Asian Affairs00927678, 19401590Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.132
30Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies20502680John Wiley and Sons Ltd0.584
31Estudios Fronterizos23959134Universidad Autonoma de Baja California0.347
32Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy15548597, 10792457Walter de Gruyter GmbH0.276
33Journal of Belarusian Studies00754161, 20526512Brill Academic Publishers0.135
34International Organization15315088, 00208183Cambridge University Press4.798
35Political Psychology0162895X, 14679221Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd2.61
36Review of International Political Economy09692290, 14664526Routledge2.331
37Journal of Conflict Resolution220027SAGE Publications Inc.2.164
38Latin American Politics and Society15482456, 1531426XCambridge University Press0.971
39Post-Soviet Affairs1060586XTaylor and Francis Ltd.0.693
40Economic and Political Studies24704024, 20954816Routledge0.65
41International Feminist Journal of Politics14616742Routledge0.54
42Media, War and Conflict17506352, 17506360SAGE Publications Ltd0.517
43Island Studies Journal17152593Island Studies Journal0.457
44Terrorism and Political Violence15561836, 09546553Routledge0.438
45Journal of Current Chinese Affairs18684874Institute of Asian Studies at the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies0.417
46Journal of East Asian Studies15982408Cambridge University Press0.414
47International Journal of Political Economy15580970, 08911916Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.404
48International Relations of the Asia-Pacific1470482XOxford University Press0.385
49Journal of Borderlands Studies21591229, 08865655Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.385
50Millennial Asia23217081, 09763996SAGE Publications Inc.0.333
51Economic and Political Weekly23498846, 00129976Economic and Political Weekly0.33
52Studies in Conflict and Terrorism1057610XTaylor and Francis Ltd.0.33
53Leviathan (Germany)18618588, 03400425Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH und Co0.325
54Innovation and Development2157930X, 21579318Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.302
55International Organisations Research Journal19967845, 25422081National Research University Higher School of Economics0.3
56Asian Perspective2589184Johns Hopkins University Press0.299
57International Journal of Taiwan Studies24688800, 24688797Brill Academic Publishers0.299
58International Organizations Law Review15723739, 15723747Martinus Nijhoff Publishers0.29
59Historical Materialism14654466, 1569206XBrill Academic Publishers0.288
60Refuge19207336, 02295113York University Libraries0.277
61International Journal of Economic Policy Studies25244892, 18814387Springer Japan0.266
62Terra Economicus24104531, 20736606Southern Federal University0.262
63Remittances Review20596588, 20596596Transnational Press London Ltd.0.26
64Asia-Pacific Social Science Review1198386De la Salle University0.23
65Central European Management Journal23362693, 23364890Sciendo0.219
66Iberoamerica (Russian Federation)20759711, 20768400Institute of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences0.211
67Revista Cientifica General Jose Maria Cordova19006586, 25007645Escuela Militar de Cadetes0.209
68Contemporary Review of the Middle East23490055, 23477989SAGE Publications Ltd0.201
69Eastern Journal of European Studies20686633, 2068651XUniversitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza0.198
70Brazilian Journal of Political Economy18094538, 01013157Centro de Economia Politica0.193
71Journal of Australian Studies0314769X, 14443058Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.188
72World Review of Political Economy20428928, 2042891XPluto Journals0.184
73Desarrollo y Sociedad1203584Universidad de los Andes0.183
74International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies22326022, 18553362EMUNI University0.171
75Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations24109681Institue of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University0.167
76Sudosteuropa0722480XWalter de Gruyter0.151
77Geopolitica(s)21727155, 21723958Universidad Complutense Madrid0.15
78Norteamerica18703550, 24487228Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico0.142
79International Journal of Intelligence, Security, and Public Affairs23800992, 2380100XTaylor and Francis Ltd.0.14
80Annali di Ca Foscari Serie Orientale23853042Edizioni Ca Foscari0.139
81Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication18739857, 18739865Brill Academic Publishers0.137
82Journal of Comparative Asian Development15339114, 21505403IGI Global Publishing0.133
83Series on Chinese Economics Research22511644World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd0.131
84European Journal of East Asian Studies15700615, 15680584Brill Academic Publishers0.13
85IPPR Progressive Review25732331John Wiley & Sons Inc.0.13
86Economia y Politica07194714, 07194803Universidad Adolfo Ibanez0.116
87Maghreb - Machrek22716815, 17623162Choiseul Editions0.109
88Journal of International and Global Studies21580669Lindenwood University0.106
89Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies0278839XCouncil for Social and Economic Studies0.105
90Critical Studies of the Asia-Pacific2662222X, 26622238Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.0.104
91Journal of China and International Relations22458921Aalborg University Press0.104
92Connexe26732750, 24065749Universite de Geneve0.103
93Esprit00140759, 211145790.103
94A Contrario16607880, 16628667Editions Antipodes0.102
95Acta Universitatis Carolinae Studia Territorialia12134449, 23363231Karolinum - Nakladatelstvi Univerzity Karlovy0.102
96Series on Contemporary China17930847World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd0.102
97Central Europe14790963Maney Publishing0.101
98Cuadernos del Cendes10122508Universidad Central de Venezuela0.101
99Journal of Austrian-American History24750913, 24750905Penn State University Press0.101
100North Korean Review15512789, 19412886McFarland and Company, Inc0.101

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