List of Library and Information Sciences Journals

This web page aims to provide a list of Library and Information Sciences journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 Library and Information Sciences journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of Library and Information Sciences journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1International Journal of Information Management2684012Elsevier Ltd.4.906
2Information Systems Research15265536, 10477047INFORMS Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences3.257
3International Journal of Information Management Data Insights26670968Elsevier BV2.479
4European Journal of Information Systems0960085X, 14769344Taylor and Francis Ltd.2.481
5Telecommunications Policy3085961Elsevier Ltd.1.192
6Information and Organization14717727Elsevier Ltd.1.997
7Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology23301643, 23301635John Wiley and Sons Ltd1.015
8International Journal of Information Science and Management20088310, 20088302Regional Information Center for Science and Technology0.162
9Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services1947945X, 19479468Morgan and Claypool Publishers0.107
10Big Data and Society20539517SAGE Publications Ltd2.389
11Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice22879099, 22874577Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information0.19
12Acta Informatica Pragensia18054951Prague University of Economics and Business0.205
13Encontros Bibli15182924Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina0.195
14Journal of Enterprise Information Management17410398Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.242
15Knowledge Management Research and Practice14778238, 14778246Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.64
16Scientific data20524463Nature Publishing Group2.41
17VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems20595891Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.568
18Information Processing and Management18735371, 03064573Elsevier Ltd.2.106
19Journal of Information Technology14664437, 02683962Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.1.375
20International Journal of Geographical Information Science13658816, 13658824Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.315
21Journal of Data and Information Science2096157XDe Gruyter Open Ltd.0.431
22SCIRES-IT22394303Caspur-Ciber Publishing0.242
23Ibersid2174081X, 18880967Universidad de Zaragoza0.2
24International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics17485681, 17485673Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.0.133
25Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences1013090XTamkang University0.13
26Intelligent Systems Reference Library18684394, 18684408Springer Science + Business Media0.116
27Tekst, Kniga, Knigoizdaniye23062061, 23113774Tomsk State University - Faculty of Philology0.1
28Journal of Open Humanities Data2059481XWeb Portal Ubiquity Press
29IEEE Transactions on Information Theory00189448, 15579654Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.1.87
30Information Systems Management10580530Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.16
31Information Technology and People9593845Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.1.08
32Health Information and Libraries Journal14711842, 14711834Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0.909
33Data Intelligence2641435X, 20967004China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation0.908
34Profesional de la Informacion16992407, 13866710El Profesional de la Informacion0.872
35Journal of Documentation220418Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.836
36Library and Information Science Research7408188Elsevier BV0.782
37International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval21926611, 2192662XSpringer London0.762
38Online Information Review14684527, 14684535Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.74
39Digital Library Perspectives20595816Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.707
40Information Retrieval13864564, 15737659Springer Netherlands0.61
41Information Technology and Libraries07309295, 21635226American Library Association0.607
42Journal of Decision Systems21167052, 12460125Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.593
43Journal of Information Science01655515, 17416485SAGE Publications Ltd0.568
44Records Management Journal9565698Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.547
45Library Hi Tech7378831Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.507
46Library Hi Tech News7419058Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.491
47Data Technologies and Applications25149288Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.479
48Aslib Journal of Information Management20503806, 20503814Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.475
49Journal of Open Research Software20499647Ubiquity Press0.438
50Library Resources and Technical Services242527American Library Association0.333
51Reference and User Services Quarterly10949054American Library Association0.3
52Transinformacao1033786Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas0.29
53Education for Information18758649, 01678329IOS Press BV0.287
54Journal of Scientometric Research23200057, 23216654Phcog.Net0.281
55Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship15470644, 08963568Routledge0.276
56Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science1195096XUniversity of Toronto Press0.247
57Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship1941126X, 19411278Routledge0.215
58Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences18463312, 18469418University of Zagreb0.186
59Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery20963467Chinese Academy of Sciences0.181
60Perspectivas em Ciencia da Informacao19815344, 14139936Escola de Ciencia da Informacao da UFMG0.177
61Information Services and Use01675265, 18758789IOS Press BV0.176
62Revista Cubana de Informacion en Ciencias de la Salud23072113Centro Nacional De Informacion De Ciencias Medicas0.17
63International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies1744263X, 17442621Inderscience Enterprises Ltd0.138
64Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Ciencia da Informacao1678765XUniversidade Estadual de Campinas0.132
65Information-Wissenschaft und Praxis14344653, 16194292Walter de Gruyter GmbH0.109
66Bibliothecae.it22807934, 22839364Universita di Bologna, Dipartimento di Beni Culturali, Alma Mater Studiorum0.103
67Journal of Library and Information Science in Agriculture10021248Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences0.188
68Social Science Computer Review15528286, 08944393SAGE Publications Inc.1.662
69Scientometrics15882861, 01389130Akademiai Kiado1.019
70Social Science Information05390184, 14617412SAGE Publications Ltd0.464
71Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian01639269, 15444546Routledge0.398
72International Journal of Information, Diversity and Inclusion25743430University of Hawaii at Manoa0.181
73Journal of Informetrics17511577Elsevier BV1.269
74World Patent Information1722190Elsevier Ltd.0.637
75Journal of Statistics Applications and Probability20908423, 20908431Natural Sciences Publishing0.187
76Journal of Cheminformatics17582946Chemistry Central1.63
77Personal and Ubiquitous Computing16174909, 16174917Springer London0.623
78Information Resources Management Journal15337979, 10401628IGI Publishing0.333
79Journal of Information Science and Engineering10162364Institute of Information Science0.228
80Digital Humanities Quarterly193841220.175
81Knowledge Cultures23756527, 23275731Addleton Academic Publishers0.167
82Art Documentation21619417, 07307187University of Chicago Press0.149
83Manuscripta Orientalia24153613, 12385018Thesa Publishers0.144
84Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Bulletin24100951Universitat Hamburg0.137
85New Directions in Book History26346117, 26346125Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.0.131
86Revista de Cancioneros Impresos y Manuscritos22547444Universidad de Alicante0.127
87Methis17366852, 22284745University of Tartu Press0.119
88Script and Print18349013Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association0.108
89Notes and Queries00293970, 14716941Oxford University Press0.103
90In Monte Artium20313098, 25070312Brepols Publishers0.102
91Government Information Quarterly0740624XElsevier Ltd.2.321
92Journal of Health Communication10810730, 10870415Taylor and Francis Ltd.1.064
93Bottom Line0888045XEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.788
94Publications23046775MDPI AG0.626
95Journal of Classification01764268, 14321343Springer New York0.615
96Language Resources and Evaluation1574020XSpringer Netherlands0.494
97Collection Management01462679, 15452549Routledge0.464
98Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval25143298Web Portal Ubiquity Press0.448
99Language Documentation and Conservation19345275University of Hawaii Press0.332
100Performance Measurement and Metrics14678047Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0.312

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