List of South Korea Journals indexed in Scopus, SCI

This web page aims to provide a list of South Korea journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 south korea journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of south korea journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Experimental and Molecular Medicine12263613, 20926413Korean Society of Med. Biochemistry and Mol. Biology2.645
2Journal of Stroke22876391, 22876405Korean Stroke Society2.051
3Immune Network15982629, 20926685Korean Association of Immunologists1.496
4Journal of Communications and Networks12292370Korean Institute of Communication Sciences1.425
5Diabetes and Metabolism Journal22336087, 22336079Korean Diabetes Association1.424
6ICT Express24059595Korean Institute of Communications Information Sciences1.398
7Korean Journal of Radiology12296929, 20058330Korean Radiological Society1.364
8Cancer Research and Treatment15982998, 20059256Korean Cancer Association1.359
9Clinical and Molecular Hepatology22872728, 2287285XKorean Association for the Study of the Liver1.318
10Epidemiology and health20927193Korean Society of Epidemiology1.302
11Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility20930887, 20930879Korean Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility1.223
12Molecules and Cells02191032, 10168478Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology1.215
13BMB Reports1976670X, 19766696The Biochemical Society of the Republic of Korea1.177
14Neurospine25866583, 25866591Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society1.107
15Gut and Liver19762283, 20051212Joe Bok Chung1.086
16Advances in Nano Research2287237X, 22872388Techno-Press1.079
17Computers and Concrete1598818X, 15988198Techno Press1.039
18Journal of Korean Medical Science15986357, 10118934Korean Academy of Medical Science1.037
19Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives22109099, 22336052Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency1.016
20Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Research20927355, 20927363Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology1.014
21Steel and Composite Structures12299367Techno Press1.005
22Asian Spine Journal19767846, 19761902Korean Society of Spine Surgery0.999
23Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry1226086XKorean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry0.995
24Korean Journal of Anesthesiology20057563, 20056419Korean Society of Anesthesiologists0.991
25Biomolecules and Therapeutics19769148, 20054483Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology0.965
26Journal of Gynecologic Oncology20050399, 20050380Korean Society of Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy0.958
27Experimental Neurobiology12262560, 20938144Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science0.947
28Journal of Movement Disorders2005940X, 20934939Korean Movement Disorder Society0.931
29Archives of Pharmacal Research19763786, 02536269Pharmaceutical Society of Korea0.93
30Journal of Microbiology19763794, 12258873Microbiological Society of Korea0.921
31Intestinal Research15989100, 22881956Korean Association for the Study of Intestinal Diseases0.91
32Kidney Research and Clinical Practice22119132, 22119140The Korean Society of Nephrology0.906
33International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering20926790, 20926782The Society of Naval Architects of Korea0.893
34Infection and Chemotherapy20932340, 20926448Korean Society of Infectious Diseases, Korean Society for Antimicrobial Therapy, Korean Society for 0.863
35Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience17381088Korean College of Neuropsychopharmacology0.835
36Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery20054408, 2005291XKorean Orthopaedic Association0.83
37Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology19768710, 20050720Korean Society of Otolaryngology0.829
38Annals of Laboratory Medicine22343806, 22343814Seoul National University0.822
39Endocrinology and Metabolism2093596X, 20935978Korean Endocrine Society0.815
40Korean Circulation Journal17385555, 17385520Korean Society of Circulation0.81
41Journal of Breast Cancer17386756Korean Breast Cancer Society0.808
42Psychiatry Investigation17383684Korean Neuropsychiatric Association0.794
43Metals and Materials International15989623, 20054149Korean Institute of Metals and Materials0.791
44World Journal of Men?s Health22874690, 22874208Korean Society for Sexual Medicine and Andrology0.788
45Safety and Health at Work20937997, 20937911Elsevier BV0.784
46Journal of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome25086235, 25087576Korean Society for the Study of Obesity0.781
47Ultrasonography22885919, 22885943Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine0.777
48Journal of Eurasian Studies18793665Hanyang University0.768
49International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems20054092, 15986446Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems0.761
50Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health19758375, 22334521Korean Society for Preventive Medicine0.754
51Nuclear Engineering and Technology2234358X, 17385733Korean Nuclear Society0.752
52Korean Journal of Pediatrics17381061, 20927258Korean Pediatric Society0.75
53Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society12258245, 15987876, 20053711Daehan sin'gyeong oe'gwa haghoe0.733
54Korean Journal of Internal Medicine12263303, 04944712, 20056648Korean Association of Internal Medicine0.731
55Journal of Gastric Cancer2093582X, 20935641Korean Gastric Cancer Association0.716
56International Neurourology Journal20934777, 20936931Korean Association of Medical Journal Edirors0.708
57Korean Journal of Orthodontics2005372X, 12255610, 22347518Korean Association of Orthodontists0.699
58Algae20930860, 12262617The Korean Society of Phycology0.692
59Smart Structures and Systems17381584, 17381991Techno Press0.681
60Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases17383536, 20056184The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases0.669
61Animal Bioscience27650235, 27650189Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies0.665
62Radiation Oncology Journal22341900, 22343156Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology0.661
63Environmental Engineering Research2005968X, 12261025Korean Society of Environmental Engineers0.658
64Geomechanics and Engineering20926219, 2005307XTechno Press0.657
65Annals of Geriatric Medicine and Research25084798, 25084909Korean Geriatrics Society0.654
66Clinical Endoscopy22342400, 22342443Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy0.646
67Korean Journal of Parasitology17380006, 00234001Korean Journal of Parasitology0.635
68Plant Pathology Journal15982254, 20939280Korean Society of Plant Pathology0.622
69Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics20057814, 20057806The Korean Academy of prosthodontics0.619
70Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences19767951, 19767633Korean Meteorological Society0.616
71Journal of Clinical Neurology (Korea17386586, 20055013Korean Neurological Association0.616
72Healthcare Informatics Research2093369X, 20933681Korean Society of Medical Informatics0.614
73Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society12254614, 2288890XKorean Astronomical Society0.603
74Food Science of Animal Resources26360780, 26360772Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources0.594
75Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science20932278, 20932286Korean Academy of Periodontology0.592
76Toxicological Research19768257, 22342753Koreal Association of Medical Journal Editors0.586
77Advances in Materials Research (South Korea)2234179X, 22340912Techno-Press0.583
78Electronic Materials Letters17388090, 20936788Springer Netherlands0.577
79Yonsei Medical Journal19762437, 05135796Yonsei University College of Medicine0.57
80Acute and Critical Care25866060, 25866052Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine0.569
81Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology17388872, 10177825Korean Society for Microbiolog and Biotechnology0.569
82Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging25867210, 25867296Korean Society of Echocardiography0.564
83Annals of Coloproctology22879722, 22879714Korean Society of Coloproctology0.56
84Advances in Concrete Construction2287531X, 22875301Techno Press0.558
85Food Science and Biotechnology20926456, 12267708Springer Netherlands0.553
86Clinical and Experimental Vaccine Research2287366X, 22873651Korean Vaccine Society0.55
87Structural Engineering and Mechanics12254568, 15986217Techno Press0.549
88Journal of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science26717255, 26717263The Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science0.546
89Journal of Bone Metabolism22876375, 22877029Korean Society for Bone and Mineral Research0.537
90Earthquake and Structures20927614, 20927622Techno-Press0.533
91Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering12268372Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering0.525
92Investigative and Clinical Urology2466054X, 24660493Korean Urological Association0.525
93Korean Journal of Pain20930569, 20059159The Korean Pain Society0.519
94Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine23837845, 23837837Korean Society of Pathologists0.516
95Annals of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism22871012, 22871292Korean society of pediatric endocrinology0.511
96Journal of Lipid and Atherosclerosis22872892, 22882561Korean Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis0.509
97Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology1738494X, 19763824Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers0.5
98Imaging Science in Dentistry22337830, 22337822Korean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology0.499
99Korean Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology20933827, 12264512Korean Physiological Soc. and Korean Soc. of Pharmacology0.499
100International Journal of Automotive Technology12299138Korean Society of Automotive Engineers0.496