List of Canada Journals indexed in Scopus, SCI

This web page aims to provide a list of Canada journals. The journals are indexed in Web of Science (SCI),and Scopus.

100 canada journals fetched with the latest journals' metrics.

List of canada journals
S. No.Journal TitleISSNPublisherSJR
1Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts23699698KeAi Communications Co.3.549
2Biofuel Research Journal22928782Green Wave Publishing of Canada3.313
3Health Reports12091367, 08406529Statistics Canada2.04
4Journal of Medical Internet Research14394456, 14388871JMIR Publications Inc.1.992
5Canadian Journal of Psychiatry14970015, 07067437SAGE Publications Inc.1.758
6CMAJ08203946, 00084409, 14882329Canadian Medical Association1.716
7Journal of Environmental Informatics17262135, 16848799International Society for Environmental Information Sciences1.681
8Canadian Geotechnical Journal12086010, 00083674National Research Council of Canada1.607
9JMIR Public Health and Surveillance23692960JMIR Publications Inc.1.547
10JMIR mHealth and uHealth22915222JMIR Publications Inc.1.513
11Canadian Journal of Cardiology19167075, 0828282XElsevier Inc.1.482
12Canadian Psychology7085591Canadian Psychological Association1.464
13JMIR Mental Health23687959JMIR Publications Inc.1.409
14World Journal of Oncology19204531, 1920454XElmer Press Inc1.294
15Journal of Rheumatology14992752, 0315162XJournal of Rheumatology1.232
16Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience14882434, 11804882Canadian Medical Association1.22
17Ecology and Society17083087The Resilience Alliance1.188
18JMIR Aging25617605JMIR Publications Inc.1.172
19Environmental Reviews12086053, 11818700National Research Council of Canada1.15
20CMAJ open22910026Canadian Medical Association1.096
21Canadian Public Policy/ Analyse de Politiques3170861University of Toronto Press1.054
22Canadian Journal of Mathematics0008414X, 14964279Canadian Mathematical Society1.048
23JMIR Medical Informatics22919694JMIR Publications Inc.0.963
24Health promotion and chronic disease prevention in Canada : research, policy and practice2368738XPublic Health Agency of Canada0.887
25Canadian Journal of Public Health19207476, 00084263Canadian Public Health Association0.875
26Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism17155312National Research Council of Canada0.857
27JAMMI23710888University of Toronto Press0.848
28JMIR Medical Education23693762JMIR Publications Inc.0.837
29For the Learning of Mathematics2280671FLM Publishing Association0.82
30Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences0706652X, 12057533National Research Council of Canada0.816
31Peritoneal Dialysis International17184304, 08968608Multimed Inc.0.81
32JMIR Human Factors22929495JMIR Publications Inc.0.802
33Arctic Science23687460Canadian Science Publishing0.795
34Episodes7053797International Union of Geological Sciences0.789
35International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations19232934, 19232926Growing Science0.787
36International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning14923831Athabasca University0.787
37Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis25606778, 25606921Biemdas Academic Publishers0.784
38JMIR Serious Games22919279JMIR Publications Inc.0.78
39JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting25616722JMIR Publications Inc.0.778
40JMIR Cancer23691999JMIR Publications Inc.0.724
41Applied Set-Valued Analysis and Optimization25627783, 25627775Biemdas Academic Publishers0.718
42Canadian Geriatrics Journal19258348Canadian Geriatrics Society0.71
43Canadian Journal of Forest Research00455067, 12086037National Research Council of Canada0.696
44Canadian Review of Sociology17556171, 1755618XJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.0.692
45JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies23692529JMIR Publications Inc.0.687
46Geoscience Canada3150941Geological Association of Canada0.67
47Anthropocene Coasts25614150Springer International Publishing AG0.663
48Canadian Journal on Aging07149808, 17101107Cambridge University Press0.661
49Genome14803321, 08312796National Research Council of Canada0.658
50Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal08465371, 14882361Elsevier Inc.0.656
51Canadian Journal of Microbiology00084166, 14803275National Research Council of Canada0.654
52Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series19157398Health Quality Ontario0.648
53Facets23711671Canadian Science Publishing0.647
54JMIR Diabetes23714379JMIR Publications Inc.0.643
55Theory and Applications of Categories1201561XMount Allison University0.636
56Biochemistry and Cell Biology08298211, 12086002National Research Council of Canada0.631
57JMIR Formative Research2561326XJMIR Publications Inc.0.592
58Journal of Clinical Medicine Research19183011, 191830030.586
59JMIR Cardio25611011JMIR Publications Inc.0.571
60Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences14821826Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences0.566
61Journal of Applied and Numerical Optimization25625535, 25625527Biemdas Academic Publishers0.564
62Canadian Journal of Zoology00084301, 14803283National Research Council of Canada0.563
63Pain Research and Management19181523, 12036765Hindawi Limited0.562
64Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences14803313, 00084077National Research Council of Canada0.56
65Technology Innovation Management Review19270321Carleton University0.556
66Journal of Education for Library and Information Science07485786, 23282967University of Toronto Press0.551
67Canadian Journal of Addiction23684720Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine0.545
68Skin therapy letter12015989International Skin Therapy Newsletter, Inc.0.544
69Canadian Modern Language Review84506University of Toronto Press0.54
70International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling17055105University of Alberta0.535
71Canadian Journal of Linguistics17101115, 00084131Cambridge University Press0.528
72JMIR Research Protocols19290748JMIR Publications Inc.0.528
73Canadian Journal of Surgery0008428X, 14882310Canadian Medical Association0.525
74Journal of the Canadian Urological Association19116470Canadian Medical Association0.515
75Cartographica3177173University of Toronto Press0.512
76Canadian Family Physician0008350X, 17155258College of Family Physicians of Canada0.51
77ACME14929732Okanagan University College0.503
78Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology00084212, 12057541National Research Council of Canada0.497
79Drone Systems and Applications25644939Canadian Science Publishing0.494
80Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice17077753, 19110219University of Toronto Press0.483
81Avian Conservation and Ecology17126568, 17126576The Resilience Alliance0.482
82Canadian Mineralogist84476Mineralogical Association of Canada0.468
83Cardiology Research19232837, 19232829Elmer Press Inc0.46
84Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry17198429Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry0.46
85Journal of Veterinary Medical Education0748321XUniversity of Toronto Press0.454
86Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation8341516Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation0.451
87Journal of Comparative Family Studies472328University of Toronto Press0.448
88Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality22917063, 11884517SIECCAN0.445
89Journal of Participatory Medicine21527202JMIR Publications Inc.0.443
90Healthcare Policy17156580, 17156572Longwoods Publishing Corp.0.44
91Atlantic Geology8435561Atlantic Geoscience Society0.439
92Journal of Integer Sequences15307638University of Waterloo0.439
93Paediatrics and Child Health12057088, 19181485Oxford University Press0.438
94Canadian Mathematical Bulletin14964287, 00084395Canadian Mathematical Society0.437
95Canadian Journal of Soil Science84271Agricultural Institute of Canada0.424
96Journal of Scholarly Publishing17101166, 11989742University of Toronto Press0.415
97Journal of rheumatology. Supplement, The3800903Journal of Rheumatology0.406
98INFOR03155986, 19160615Taylor and Francis Ltd.0.405
99Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering8408688IEEE Canada0.404
100Teaching and Learning Inquiry21674787University of Calgary Press0.403